Thursday, October 1, 2009

Updated Site at Integrity Toys!

Check it out--just in time for convention, Integrity Toys has updated its website. You can now see the all the brands under a new robust website. A few interesting items of note:
  • Latest News. According to this section, the archive still needs to uploaded. What?? A real archive? I'm thrilled!
  • Gallery. Be sure to visit the gallery to see the current collection. The dolls are listed by collection, including the edition numbers, and if they were a show special. The descriptions are very good, too, for example, on Goldmine, this is the first time mohair was used on an Integrity doll. I didn't know that!
  • Dealers. Hooray! And updated and robust list of dealers has been listed. And it's easy to read.
  • FR: Monogram. I didn't realize this was its own brand. How very cool. Check out Statuesque. I just think she's lovely.

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