Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christian Louboutin Barbie

What is wrong with me that I adore this doll? She's just got something a little S&M going on with her outfit or something, but man, she's a hottie.

I haven't actually been able to bring myself to pre-order her, since her price tag is close to $145, and I generally speaking don't spend that much on Barbie dolls. But now, I feel a little bad for making fun of her ankle make-over.

In addition to her new face-sculpt and ankles, she includes a black catsuit with a hood and headband. and this gorgeous a pair of gold Differa sandals with Louboutin's signature red soles.

The doll actually will include four pairs of shoes, designed by Christian Louboutin, each with red soles, miniature shoe boxes and cloth bags. The shoes are the gold sandals shown, the Altameche Leopard boots, the Claudia ankle straps in Barbie 219 Pink, and the Belle ankle boots in black. Plus, only this doll (the first in the series of three Louboutin dolls) will include with an exclusive Louboutin Calendar.

She's expected to ship in December 2009. Wow--she'd make a great Christmas gift for a doll collector, fashionista, or me. (Hint, hint!) Also, this is a limited edition doll of just 7700 dolls--a very limited production size, and actually, quite a good price, considering the production run.

By the way... you can read more about her benevolent godfather here, on Barbie Collector.com.
Images courtesy of Mattel.


  1. Those are not differa sandals! They are lil mini Barbie sized rodarte by Christian louboutin spiked gold and swarovski platforms!! People....!!

    Don't u seethe little plastic (wannabe) spikes all around the straps and front Of show...

    How could they be a sandal at all ... Not even open toed

  2. Sorry--I'm going based on the promo links from Barbie's website. :)


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