Thursday, October 22, 2009


Innuendo in Kitty Love, originally uploaded by alington.
This is Innuendo (formerly China Blossom--hence her super-light white skin), a vinyl BJD by Goodreau Doll, dressed in Kitty Love, an adorable and fun outfit also by Goodreau. This is from their first year of BJD clothing, I believe, and the detailing and quality is just as good as the current line--excellent!

A bit more on the outfit: the lingerie is trimmed with lace, and it even has attached garters, which hold up her stockings. And they are actually easy to use--as the clasps are actually the hook part of a hook-and-eye closure: a very nice detail, and very clever, I think. The tail is attached to her boyshorts, and she can still sit easily.

The boots are a little hard to get on her feet (they lace without zippers in the back). These days, when you buy boots from Goodreau, they come with zippers in the back for easy dressing.

To finish off her look, Innuendo is sporting a platinum Roxie wig (by Monique Gold). I think I may have also changed her eyes to blue (China Blossom had amber eyes originally). I think she may just become my Cheshire cat!

You can see some other photos of this outfit on my Flickr photostream--just in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

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