Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where to find Integrity Convention dolls?

I'm doing a little research for any of you searching for Fashion Royalty convention dolls, if you'd rather not buy them from the secondary market (that is, if you're looking to buy them from a retail store). I've found a few stores who have people who've attended to event:

  • Angelic Dreamz: Poesie Enchantee Agnes ($350) Morning Dew Giselle and Evening Glow Dominique ($175 each), plus they offer shipping free on orders of $150 or more.
  • Joe's List: Agnes ($300), Avant Garde LiveWire Clone ($250), Dominque and Giselle ($169 each), Eugenia Perrin Frost ($325), ITBE Chic ($59), Poppy Parker Endless Summer ($200), Avant Garde Vanishing Point ($399.99), Elise Jolie ($350), Natalia Fatale ($399.99), plus outfits and other souvenirs, too.
  • Marl & B: Giselle and Dominique ($165.99 each), FR Monogram Curiosity ($350), LiveWird Clone ($250.99), Convention Set from Chicago ($615.99), Optic Clash Dania Zarr ($369.99), Elise Jolie (349.99) Agnes Poesie ($295.99), Poppy Parker ($199.99).
  • Vogue Collectibles (in Canada): Agnes von Weiss ($449.99), ITBE Chic ($59), Poppy Parker ($200), Poppy Parker Center of ATtention ($299.99), Dominique ($135), LiveWire Clone ($250), Giselle ($145), Successful Ascension outfit ($99.99).
  • MFD (in Canada): Curiosity FR Monogram ($350), Dominique ($125), LiveWire Clone ($235), Giselle ($125), Poesie Agnes ($285), Cocktail Liquor Cabinet ($425)
  • Chelsea's Collector Cottage (Australia) also has some items listed, including Optic Clash, Luxe Life, and others--but I think these may be listed in AUD, and shipping can be expensive from there. But they do have excellent customer service!
If you're an Integrity Toys dealer, and you've got 2009 convention dolls available for sale and I haven't listed you here, let me know, and I'll be happy to add you.

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