Sunday, October 4, 2009

Morphoa and Olivia

Morphoa and Olivia, originally uploaded by alington.
Olivia is here, and she's my second Elfdoll Tiny. I love her. I bought her second-hands from a Den of Angels listing. I ordered the wig from Lonestar Dolls--and again, I will highly recommend Lonestar for their service and prices.

Olivia is adorable. I love her peaceful sleeping face, which is similar to Kai's. She is a 2008 model, with strung (not magnetic) feet, and she also includes an extra set of hands. I also got an extra dress for her, and some other goodies, which is fun.

I still need to attach her wig permanently, and I need to do a real photo shoot, but I figure I should put some photos up now. Enjoy--see some others on Flickr, or the full-size ones on my Mobile Me gallery.

1 comment:

  1. She looks like she's having sweet dreams! So cute.


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