Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock Ladies of the Eighties by Barbie

Available now for pre-ordering, these Ladies of the Eighties are a must for Barbie collectors and Generation Xers alike. Forgive me if I get the dates of these ladies wrong--check with your favorite dealer to be sure on the release dates of these ladies (there seems to be as much as a one year variance on some release dates, so I'm not positive on these).

  • Joan Jett ($38.95) will be available December 2010. She even includes her guitar.
  • Cyndi Lauper ($38.95) will be available January 2010, and sports her signature funky hairstyle. (I was hoping for her newspaper skirt, though.)
  • Debbie Harry ($38.95) will be available December 2009. Formerly the lead singer of Blondie, this lady sports her signature funky hair do and a funky vinyl pink outfit. I'm pretty sure she'll be added to my collection.
Images courtesy of Mattel.


    1. I want the Joan Jett definitely; the Cyndi Lauper, possibly.

    2. Very cool. But, they need some B52 girls.

    3. I would totally buy Kate Pearson from the B52s! Great idea! :)

      Debbie Harry is my favorite of these ladies. I wanted to see Cyndi in her newspaper skirt from True Colors.


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