Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Alex" styled by Jason Wu

Well, Madame Alexander has put up there new Fall 2010 line of Alex dolls for sale.  These new dolls are styled by Jason Wu and they are limited to 150 pieces each.  The dolls are 16" tall and are due to arrive in September and they retail for $149.95 each.  If you'd like to check out all 4 dolls or preorder them, please go to Madame Alexander's website HERE.

*photo is property of Madame Alexander*


  1. Wow--a totally interpretation of Alex. Very interesting. I like their new articulation--it is new, isn't it--the wrists and ankles at least?

    And do I see a finishing set? Eeek!

    I think my favorite is Graphic Content Paris, the one you've posted here. And previously, I never have considered a couture Alex doll. Very nice!

  2. Ay carumba! I just finished down-sizing my Alexes and now you come along and post this! I'm torn between Graphic Content Paris and Mahogany Alex. Thanks for posting the link!


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