Thursday, July 29, 2010

BJD news in a single post

If you didn't have time to visit Den of Angels this morning, here's a quick overview of the news:
  • Soom's monthly doll will be late: the end of August.
  • A new doll company, Doll Hwoo, is selling two new sculpts (both are available as a boy or girl) through nDoll.
  • LaTi Doll has released a new tanned elf limited edition doll, Special Green Teru. (He's a cutie!) Base price is $280.
  • Masterpiece Eyes is offering a 40% discount on any order of 2 pairs or more, only through Sunday!
  • Limhwa has released a new ToYou doll, Mari. She's 27cm, and very close to Barbie size. Sales for her are only through AUgust 8, or may end sooner if they sell out. $280 without a face-up, and add $35 for a face-up.
  • SoulDoll has a new tiny doll called Licht (20cm) and is now selling some heads separately, too.
  • Luts is having its special summer sale. Check it out here. Lutz also offers custom make-up, too.
  • Domuya Life Project Levi, the Water Guardian, is available now, starting at $545.
  • AriaDoll is taking orders for Bianca and Van beginning July 30.
  • Immortality of Soul's August sale of limited release dolls begins August 6-31. Gin, Anos, Yuri and Garsh will be very limited and on sale August 1 till they sell out.
  • Supiadoll has a new sculpt, Emma (59cm) available for sale now starting at $490.
  • DollZone is having a summer event also. You can choose one of the following promotions: A - Buy $200 in DZ items and get a coupon for $20 ($400 - $45, $600 - $70). Use the coupon can only be used toward item total, not toward freight. B - Spend $600 and get a Chinese dragon boy or girl. Spend $1000 and get two. (You choose skin tone, add $50 for face-up, $28 for outfit).
  • DollKot has released a new 60cm boy, Andy. $420 is the base price.
Lots of other news, but this is just a starter for you!

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