Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limited edition Peak's Woods prices are up!

For internet customers, these dolls will be on sale from August 1-10, 2010 only. Here are the details:

  • Basic limited edition doll (either white or normal skin Sky or Briana, large or normal bust) with face-up, nude, with random wig, 16mm eyes, and extra pair of hands is $612 (compare this to the regular doll price of $582 with a face-up).
  • Add $90 for a tan version.
  • Add $100 if you'd like to add an addition large bust torso (this is also the same as regular dolls).
  • If you want an additional doll in the same sculpt, there won't be any additional shipping charge (for example, you can buy a tan Briana and a white skin Briana, and pay shipping for only one doll).
  • Layaway is also available! 10% down ($61.20) plus shipping, and options (like tan skin, extra torso) from Aug 1-10. 30% ($183.60) from Aug 11-Sep 10. 30% from Sep 11-Oct 10. 30% Oct 11-Nov 10. 
  • The gowns are made of cotton/silk fabric by Soda.
  • The blue gown set is $210, and includes the outer sleeved gown, corset, inner skirt with rose "curtain" trim at hem, white under dress, cotton pantaloons, pannier, stockings, gloves and a ribbon choker.
  • The pink gown set includes is $220, and includes outer gown, corset, inner white skirt with ribbon and pleated details at hem, ribbon tie choker, stockings and gloves, inner white under dress, bloomers, and pannier.
  • Add white satin shoes to either outfit for $32.90.
  • Unfortunately, hats, wigs and fans are not for sale. I recognize one of the wigs as DollHeart wig LW-00096 (Sky's, I think), and I'm pretty sure Briana's is a DollHeart wig, too, but I can't seem to find the exact one.

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