Thursday, July 8, 2010

Villains, Vamps and Tramps luncheon

The next costume event is the Villains, Vamps and Tramps luncheon. Costumes are option here, as well. Originally, I was going to go as Barbie Basic No. 10, but I totally chickened out on wearing the dress.

Instead, I plan to dress up as "Barbie's best friend PJ," in her 1968 Talking PJ costume. It's pretty cute, I think, pink and orange, very mod. She's going to be the ultimate "Frenemy" of Barbie, and she might also "talk," or swear. We'll see.

Sky is coordinated, at least by color. I made the dress, a simple sundress, in similar colors, and found a cute mod-style wig (Cassidy in auburn) and some basic shoes (both by Kemper Dolls). I tied some beads around her neck, and made a little butterfly bobby pin.

See more photos on Flickr.

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