Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Century Chic by Randall Craig

Randall Craig has an exclusive fashion available only through Marl & B called "Mid-Century Chic". It is retailing for $62 and is a limited edition of 50. To order, click HERE.

*Photo is property of Randall Craig*

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  1. This gown is so lovely--there's something about its shape that reminds me of a kimono. The bow in the back reminds me of how an obi is tied. And the length, narrow fit of the legs, and the embroidery detail also remind me of the kimono. I adore it. Sort of "reimagined kimono," if you will.

    PLus the warm soft taupe really helps the aqua pop. Wow. I think I'd better stay away from Marl & B for a while. When will he start designing for BJDs?? ;)


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