Sunday, July 18, 2010

LE The Glamour coming soon from Peak's Woods

Thank goodness my husband decided to pick up a new hobby this weekend and splurge on an expensive new bike. Because Peak's Woods is sneak-peeking two new limited edition dolls (I hope they are really full-set dolls--ACK!) in The Glamour collection on their website. No prices, dates or edition sizes are listed yet, but we can assume it's going to be pretty steep, and I will keep you posted (possibly after I order mine).

  • The first option appears to my eye (which is more or less reliable) to be a limited tan Sky (one of the 58 cm/23" Fairies of Color BJDs). She is wearing an adorable lambswool wig and is dressed in a gorgeous dark pink Rococo era gown (maybe a sack-back gown, even?), trimmed with ruffles and roses. Also, she has her ears pierced and is wearing crown dangly earrings, and is also wearing a cute little feathered, floral hat. 
  • The second doll offered is a white skin or a tan version limited edition Briana (another 58 cm/23" Fairies of Color BJDs). She is a newer sculpt, and she is dressed a la Marie Antoinette, in a gorgeous blue and white gown, with embroidery, lace, white roses, and a fan accessory (which may or may not be included). The tan photo shows her with pierced ears and earrings, also.
I have been coveting both a tan Peak's Woods and a Briana for a long while, so I've been visiting the site daily to see when they will go on sale. Hopefully a lay-away option will be available, like they offered for their previous limited doll, Naomi. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Photos property of Peak's Woods.

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