Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ryung, with new face-up

Ryung, with new face-up
Ryung, with new face-up
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Meet Elfdoll Ryung, with her latest face-up, my second attempt. It turns out, even if you practice just a little bit, face-ups get easier each time you practice. And if you tend to be just a little bit obsessive compulsive, that's actually not a bad trait.

I actually like Ryung well enough to keep her just like this for a while. And it will be great to have a doll I can redo when I like. She's very natural now--not at all like when I first got her with her dark black eye liner and red nail polish (oh my goodness, that took me 20 minutes to get off this morning--never going to do it to my dolls). She fits in great with my Peak's Woods girls. And wow--has she got legs!

Check out more photos of her here, original photos of her here, of her blank face here, and of my first face-up attempt (I wasn't happy with her lashes, clumpy eye shadow or brows so much) here.

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