Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fairy of the Sky

Fairy of the Sky
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One of my recent no-sew OOAK outfits, using pearl/organza trim, feathers, fringe, and some other decorating trim I liked and had in my stash. The little bird came from Michaels. All the trim is just pinned on for a temporary outfit. (More photos on Flickr.)

My model is a Peak's Woods normal skin, normal bust Lady Bee (16") ball-jointed doll. She's wearing a blue Faith wig by Monique Gold.

Using items you have on hand is a great way to "make" an outfit and get creative, without the use of many tools or skills. I like the monochromatic look--I have a fun display of "fairies of color" right now--and they look really nice together.

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  1. The costumes you have made are quite pretty! Congrats on actually making them work without sewing. I think I might swipe some lace scraps from my foster mom and try this myself.


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