Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why IFDC is dangerous

After reading the posts below by our fabulous staff writers here, I thought I'd add a post as well.  Basically this year I learned IFDC can be VERY dangerous to "dolly-holics".  The reason? Because you get to see dolls in person that you would've NEVER considered buying and then when you see them realize you have to have them. And Voila! Now you're collecting another line of dolls. 

For me that new line of dolls are the Momoko dolls by Petworks.  Petworks attended the event and put out a salestable for the first time in the US, so there were lots of happy customers.  On the first night of IFDC after dinner a few of my enabling tablemates (who shall remain nameless) and I went up to Denise & Kazue's room to do a little room shopping.  I was going with the intent of getting a Misaki and some Misaki clothing.  So we're shopping around through the PILES of stuff in that room (where did they sleep?) and I turn around to see my one friend holding up the cutest little red headed doll.  I'm instantly drawn to her and practically trip over myself to get over and see her close up. 
Well wouldn't you know it!  It was a Momoko doll and I about died because of her utter cuteness.  I asked about the doll and was told she was the BIC exclusive Momoko for IFDC.  She is a "Fireworks" version of Sparkling 80's and comes with an extra set of shoes, panties and socks.  I saw her little butterfly tattoo and began pulling out my money.

So needless to say, I purchased her and quickly began looking at the others in the room telling myself that she needs a friend - right? I didn't see another one that jumped out at me and decided to wait for the salesroom to open on Day 3 since Petworks would be in there.  Well, on that day I quickly hurried to the Petworks table and saw some adorable "Candy Girl" Momoko's but the price of $190 was a little steep for me at this time.  So I'm cruisin' the salesroom and see our tablemates at their sales tables and what does one of them have for sale??? Ummm SEVERAL cute Momokos! I think I spent about 45 minutes trying to decide which one I wanted and then decided on one.  She is a "Whiter Shade of Pure Blue" Special Edition.  I almost bought a 3rd one because I felt I needed a blond to round out my little mini collection, but instead I spent $25 and entered the raffles for 4 Momokos that Petworks had donated.  And you know what?  I won one!!!  I should mention here that 3 of the 4 dolls were won by our table!

So basically I came home with 3 Momokos, 2 new fashions and a new line to collect.  Now I can be found late at night browsing ebay & flickr trying to decide who my next Momoko should be.  I ask you, does it ever end?  I won't even mention how close I came to purchasing a J-Doll too!  That's next on my list as a "for sure" purchase.  So beware folks, guard your wallets, IFDC is dolly dangerous!


  1. Not to enable you any further - oh, who am I kidding? - Jun Planning will also be at Comic Con, booth #4049. I'm not sure if they'll be bringing J-Doll with them or just Pullip. I've got my eyes on an Andrassy and a Galeries-St. Hubert.

  2. These are just gorgeous! I got my first Momoko and full-size Pullip at IFDC, and oh my, am I smitten! My goals of organization and narrowing down my collection have totally reopened the add-a-theme mode! :)

  3. Doll shows of ANY kind are dangerous! Even if you have a specific focus in your collection, such as a certain brand of dolls, or type of dolls. The enabling is deliberate - how else do you think doll companies make their money?


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