Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fairy of Flamingos

Hers was my first draped outfit, and also the most simple. Sky is a white skin, large bust doll (and also my first SD-sized BJD), another Peak's Woods. (Can you tell I'm enchanted by these girls?)

She's wearing a DollZone wig, and I kept her eyes aqua for a nice pop. Blushing is by me as well.

Her necklace is beaded trim, wrapped around and tied. Her feathered dress is one length, pinned once at the top and once at the waist.

Just a note: It took me several wraps to get a style I liked best, and if she gets lots of play, I have to be prepared to move the wrap around again. But I wanted her belly to show with a lower waisted skirt, and also her cleavage to show a bit as well.

Morte photos, including close-ups of her lovely sad face, on Flickr.

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