Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Venus Secret" Eugenia

From reading over the previous posts about how people are "collecting", I realize that alot of mine is pretty random, based on what I like at the moment.  Despite that fact, there is one consistent theme throughout my Fashion Royalty collection and that is the character Eugenia Perrin Frost.  I am a HUGE Eugenia fan!  I think it's those pouty lips and that square jawline that just gets me everytime.  Well, today I received THE Holy Grail of Eugenia's.  "Venus Secret" Eugenia was a doll designed for a private label Tawainese lingerie company called "Venus Secret".  This doll was being given to customers who purchased $2000 in custom made lingerie.  Integrity Toys produced the doll using Eugenia's facemold but placing her on a NuFace body.  After seeing the promo shots and hearing what you had to do to obtain her I just tucked that little "want" away in the back of my mind, never thinking I'd ever get her. 

**Photo is property of Venus Secret**

**Photo is property of Integrity Toys**

Well, a week ago I was contacted by a Flickr friend who was looking for Optic Verve Agnes and offered this Eugenia up as a trade.  Although I love my OV Agnes, especially since she is the Agnes that turned me into an Aggie-Lover, I knew I had to let her go to get this doll.  There would be no other way I could afford to get her since she has sold on E-bay from $600 - $900!!  So we made the trade and the lovely Ms. Frost arrived to my home today.  She has such lovely thick raven hair and gold hints to her eyemakeup.  I especially love this doll on a NF body, and had even previously switched out 2 in my collection onto the NF body already, so to get this doll produced on the smaller busted body just made my day! 

Well, onto the pics now...

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  1. Wow! Talk about a happy ending to a Grail quest! You have champagne taste, that much is certain. Congratulations on your acquisition!


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