Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Alice Project, Day 2

The Alice Project, Day 2
Day two of the Alice Project. So far, so good. This is Kim Lasher's Simply Alice, a slim SD-sized American ball-jointed doll with the most precious face ever. She's been redressed in a OOAK Michele Hardy shepherdess outfit (a la Alice mode), and she's wearing her original shoes and stockings. This is her in a Monique Gold wig, I believe. The prop is a wrought iron chair I found for $6.99 at Michaels at the beginning of summer.

See the rest of Alice's photo shoot on Flickr. And read more about the Alice Project and how you can participate at this post.

Mintie (Peak's Woods) and Simple Alice (Kim Lasher)


  1. Love that little pout on Simply Alice! "What do you mean, off with my head?" :^)

  2. Thanks, Blue! She is quite a little doll. I have to say, she's pouty, but something about her in this red wig... she seems to look almost pleasant! ;)


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