Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese Baby Adoption Barbie, an exclusive from the White Swan Hotel

At the risk of posting some controversial, I read this interesting article about "Going Home Barbie" in Marie Claire magazine, thanks to JennyGrey, who pointed it out to me this morning.

In reading a bit about this doll online (and yes, I know you shouldn't believe everything you read online), I hear some advocates are pressuring Mattel to a) make this doll available to all adopting families, and b) make this doll in other races besides white (hello? What year is this again?).

And others are generally offended by anything Barbie says or does, and she's just a doll (who doesn't say or do anything).

Look, for a mere $70, this doll is available from


  1. Thanks for posting this info. My daughter is in China on business but is coming home Sunday. This is her 3rd trip there. I will have to ask her if she ever visited the city where the White Swan Hotel is located. She has been in so many cities in China, I can't keep up to where she goes.Will keep this info in mind for the next time she goes to China.

  2. Apparently Going Home Barbie has been given to adopting families since 2002. The petition is by folks who adopted in China prior to 2002. For more information on why so many Americans end up at the White Swan Hotel during the adoption process and why the Barbie is only given at that hotel, check out this url:

  3. barbie would not be able to adopt a child from china as she is a single mother. china no longer adopts children to single women. we did not accept the white swan barbie offered to our family, it felt exploitive at the time. the adoption mama barbie is too far away from what our family looks like - it felt offensive to all of our family, including our other children who are also adopted. there is now a chemo barbie, complete with wigs and scarves - hmmmmmm.............


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