Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prize time for our beloved readers...

As you may remember from a post last month, we are now regularly updating the Fashion Doll Review's look monthly. So that little poll on the left side that asks you if you like our new look, which has 13 days left to vote--well, in less than two weeks, you'll have a brand new look. For those of you who don't care for the lime green and silver lines, you'll get something new!

If you want to make specific comments on this layout, or leave feedback on what you'd like to see, comment on last month's post, and I'll read them.

So to celebrate the upcoming change to this new and fun features, I thought I'd offer a little prize. This's month's background is actually a close-up of a famous doll. Do you know which one?

If you do, email me your answer (please do not post here!!), along with and your first name, last initial, and your state (US) or country. Please send your guess to me by September 14, 2010, midnight PST, and I'll add you to a pot of names (if more than one of my readers gets it right). I'll do the drawing for the prize on September 15 at noon PST. And shortly thereafter I'll announce and contact the winner.

The prize: A NRFB Barbie Basic No 9 to add to your collection. And yes, I will ship overseas, too.

So come play with us!

The fine print: Sorry, guys, but contributors who already know the answer to this question can't participate in this game (if I've told you--Jen!). But if I haven't told you, and if no one else has told you (I'm pretty sure I have a few guest bloggers who don't know), you're welcome to play!

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