Thursday, September 9, 2010

Updates from Tonner - exclusives to Cami&Jon, Miss Revlon and more!

Cherished Friends has announced two new exclusive sculpts additions to the Cami&Jon line, Chrys (Stella sculpt) and Rose (Suzette sculpt), both on the Antoinette body. A portion of the proceeds of sales of these dolls will benefit the Philadelphia Shriner's Children's Hospital. These dolls are made-to-order, and all orders must be placed by October 15, 2010. All dolls are $84.99 and include basic lilac cami underwear sets and shoes. Your option for these dolls are:

  • Chrys Basic Blonde, Cameo skin tone with blue eyes
  • Chrys Basic Brunette, Cameo skin tone with green eyes
  • Rose Basic Blonde, Bloom skin tone with bangs and brown eyes
  • Rose Basic Raven, Bloom skin tone with green eyes
The eye color is my best guess from Cherished Friends photos. They are all four quite lovely, I have to admit! While you're visit their site, check out their fantastic sales at both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey stores. They have some great clearance prices, and Cherished Friends has excellent customer service.

Some new photos have been released from Tonner's Fall/Holiday line, including the 13" Miss Revlon line. My first though is: "Oh no!" Retail price for the basic dolls are $59.99 (redhead, blonde and brunette), and the wigged doll is $99.99, but your dealer can give you a much better one. If you like a smokey model look that isn't too skin, you'll love these girls. (I really like them!) She reminds me a little of Tyler, but with Sydney's haughtiness.

The fashions are really cute, also, but a new scale? (Of course I'll have to add one. Ugh!) There are four made-to order fashions, retailing between $79.99 to $99.99. Shoe packs are also made to order for $39.99 retail (like the stand, as the dolls are basics, which is $9.99). And there are three additional fashions that will be made in editions of 250 that range between $79.99 and 89.99.

Additionally, if you liked the Vintage Revlon collection, I suspect you won't be disappointed. The 10.5" Little Miss Revlon is a cutie as well. These girls are limited to 500 each, and retail for $124.99.

Some changes to the line--from the Gowns by Anne Harper collection:

  • Basic Carol Barrie will be produced with a removable blonde wig, and new images will be posted as soon as they are available. (I was wondering how the period fashion A Sensible Notion was going to work!)
  • Absolutely stunning photos of the fashion Venus Rising have now been posted online--the gown is a soft mint green satin with puffy floral trimmed sleeves and trailing chiffon.
Finally, photos of Zoe Washburne have been posted, as the licensor has approved the doll. She's not bad at all--and her outfit is great!


  1. Love the 13" Revlon dolls but just can't add another size to my collection, or can I :-)

    1. As long as they are not too different in sizes it's alright...I think it's a shame that the other company's out there are just making (exclusively) 16" dolls...

  2. Ah--a collector after my own heart! LOL! ;)


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