Friday, September 10, 2010

Morphoa, according to Leah Lilly of Froggy Duds

Morphoa, per Leah Lilly
Originally uploaded by alington
Morphoa, my 58cm (almost 23") Dollzone girl, has returned from Leah Lilly's spa, and I am in love all over again. I sent a few inspirational photos to Leah before the face-up--Peak's Woods girls, actually--and now, she's absolutely gorgeous.

She's wearing shoes and the Alice Underground outfit by DollHeart, hat by JennyGrey, and a Tori wig by Monique Gold. Eyes are acrylic by Glib in Dove.

You can see a few more angles and some full-length shots of her on Flickr. Also, check out Leah's photo stream--you can see some more of her work. She's really amazing!

This is the doll who formerly had the pink eyes and flower tattoo on her face. I have included a before photo (she's a full-set doll) here as well.

I mean--she did have her charms before, but I was really thinking of selling her. Now, she's a great addition to my Peak's Woods lovelies! I don't think I'll ever be able to be without her.


  1. OMG! She looks amazing now! You must be so excited!

  2. I LOVE her new look! Even she looks happier about it, not much, but just enough ;-)

  3. She is very lovely


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