Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giving out-moded bodied dolls another chance by guest blogger Milady Blue

Always Another Chance
by Milady Blue
Special Guest Writer

I started late in my collection of higher end fashion dolls like Tonners: 2007, to be exact. My first was a straight armed Tyler Wentworth, the only Buy It Now I found at a reasonable price. I tried auctions, only to be quickly outbid. I had no knowledge of articulation and different bodies. All I knew was I had a beautiful doll I liked.

In 2008, I started joining online groups such as Prego (membership required), MEF Forum, and Cheery About Agnes Dreary, and learning about different dolls. I also started keeping an eye on various doll stores that sold Tonner, as well as sales announcements on the boards, forums and groups, and my Tonner collection took off.

My first bent arm doll is still a favorite--Super Stripes Angelina. My first encounter with that body was less than stellar, since within five minutes of opening the box, the left forearm snapped off completely! Fortunately, the kindly folks on Prego told me to contact Tonner’s Doll Hospital. Within a week, Angelina was returned to me, good as new.

But I was envious of all the people who had dolls more articulated than mine--they could do so many cool things with their dolls in the pictures posted on those doll boards.

One thing I have done to increase my collection is to buy only heads. This way, I can get different sculpts for a decent price, then Frankendolly them onto a body. Most of the heads sold are dolls which had bodies collectors wanted for their own beloved dolls.

Angelina got an articulated body I received in a trade with a friend. Her old body was tossed in the recycling bin. (What Waste Management’s recycling department made of a decapitated, naked doll body in the bin I have no clue.) This new body was a vast improvement, since she could now cross her legs, and twist at the waist, and pose more realistically. But I still missed the bent wrist option. Recently I
bought the top half of a Tyler doll, complete with head and bent wrists and Frankendolly’d Angelina for the last time. However, this left me with a Tyler doll on an AR body. I thought about selling her, but that idea didn’t last too long.

Is there a kinder word than “hoarder” for me?

I use my dolls for story inspiration, but have no open storylines at the moment. Luckily for Tyler, not only am I reluctant to sell her, there are other things she can do. I have always wanted a display of the Tudor period, since I first read about Henry VIII. One contemporary monarch was Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands. The Archduchess was a fascinating woman, and Tyler works as a stand-in for her.

For any doll, even one that will only be used for parts, there is always another chance.

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  1. "Hoarder." Of course there is a nice (and much more apt) term: "COLLECTOR." Keep saying it, and be proud!

    You're very resourceful, Blue! ;)


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