Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Special Edition Amelie, Misaki's Friend

These 2 dolls popped up for sale today. They are listed as “Amelie Debut Change”. They’re both cute and they both come in the original Amelie debut outfit. They are limited editions (not sure how many) and are retailing for about $180 through Doll-Collectible's site HERE

**Photo is property of Doll-Collectible**


  1. Ack! Adorable! I've ordered from Doll-Collectible before--and they are really nice and reliable. I think I like the brunette best, but the blonde is really cute, too. I so "need" an Amelie!!

    (Stop posting all these cute doll things already, Shug!) ;)

  2. LOL, the brunette is really cute! Hold out though because the new line comes out at the end of September. There will be 2 Misaki's and 1 Amelie doll. I'm passing on these to wait for those.


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