Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update on the contest

Dear readers,

About the Fashion Doll Review's first contest... there has been a slight change: the prize doll! Right after I posted a photo of her, my daughter Lauren found the box and opened her!

No worries, though--I picked up a replacement doll. It's a blonde exclusive red-dress Barbie Basic from Target--I think she's the Bob Mackie sculpt, and she is gorgeous. I've got her hidden out of Lauren's reach, so she is safe!

The contest is still on, though--so keep those guesses coming! (Photo coming soon--this is my hubby's birthday weekend, hence the brief lack in posts.)


  1. A Cute, Doll Seeking Missile of Mass Destruction who is not Fuzzy? Uh, oh, maybe KittyKate needs to write a column on the hazards of little sisters and doll collecting? ;^)

  2. What an appropriate article idea, Blue? Much sweeter coming from KittyKate than from me.

    and Dolls of Color, yes, MOST of the time. ;) though that day was not the best day in my "best mothering moments," collecting. ;)

  3. well, at least we know the excitement of doll collecting is not being lost on the next generation - lauren's just following in mom's footsteps!


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