Monday, August 8, 2011

1979 Partytime Barbie

1979 Partytime Barbie by alington
1979 Partytime Barbie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
It's been a while since I posted about Steffie, so it's time to share a recent grail addition.

Yes, unfortunately for me, when I get a new obsession (Vanessa Perrin, for example) the old obsessions don't diminish as quickly as I'd hope. In fact, sometimes they don't go away at all. At this time, in my 11-12" doll collection, I've got a Steffie/Vanessa/Poppy problem. Well, let's not call it a "problem." Doll collections are not "problems." It's a hobby, and a healthy hobby, for crying out loud. (At least that's what I tell myself when I'm making plans at 3 AM.)

So on to my collection spoiler... this is a European exclusive, Partytime Barbie. She was available in three editions. This is the 1979 version, sans original cocktail dress. (She's dressed in #3438 Peasant Dressy from 1971.) The other two versions were a Superstar sculpt and a vintage Barbie sculpt, I recently discovered, and I might actually own the very vintage sculpt doll, too.

Check out this photo for more information on the three dolls.

Her body is a standard European straight-leg body with a twist-n-turn waist, and her hair is quite thin. What makes her so utterly fantastic is that gold eye shadow, thick eyeliner, rooted lashes, dark brows and super pale lips.

Why is she a collection spoiler? Well, I don't know where I will find a Steffie more gorgeous than this girl! Will I ever be as pleased with another Steffie-faced doll? She might just be the prettiest face in my collection. She's definitely a must-have, if you love Steffie.

While she is a bit hard to find, I was able to find her at a still-reasonable price on eBay, from terraincognitarecords in Chile. At the risk of giving myself competition, I have to say, this guy is great. He has current listings for a standard European Steffie starting at $19.99 and Glitter Beach Teresa, which is tempting me greatly.

See more photos on Flickr!


  1. It looks like she has not only eyelashes but also eyelids.

  2. Beautiful metallic gold painted eyelids, in fact! :)


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