Friday, August 19, 2011

New items and sales at Wilde Imagination

Free shipping now (within the US and new orders only--no promo code needed) at Wilde Imagination - and you can check out the latest markdowns and save even more.

Lots more in limited quantities can be seen here

Additionally, there a brand new Amber - A Dark & Stormy Night - who is available for $160. She has long red hair and green acrylic eyes, and she's dressed in a bodysuit layered under a jacket with a ribbon tie, black ruffled skirt, patterned tights, shoes and matching jewelry.


  1. And with a 15% discount code, the price drops even further. *grins*


  2. Forgot to mention that code is THJ, expires today though!

  3. There's another code that expires on 8/30--CC2011.

  4. Is this doll still available? If so I would like to get one and how much is one?

    1. I’m pretty sure these dolls are long sold out. This post is from 2011, unfortunately. I know Tonner Doll has closed his business—I’m not sure about Wilde Imagination, though. These dolls may not be in production any longer. If that’s the case, I’d suggest looking on eBay or Mister Dollface ( for second-hand items, if you don’t have any local doll shows.


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