Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cherished Friends Chrys & Rose exclusives on clearance!

If you're an Antoinette or Cami&Jon™ fan, check out the clearance sale at Cherished Friends!

  • Rose (Suzette sculpt), brown eyes, bloom skin tone and blonde hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Chrys (Stella sculpt), green eyes, cameo skin tones and brunette hair - regularly $99.99, sale $64.99
  • Exclusive Up and Out fashion, regularly $119.99, sale $59.99

It's a great deal!

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

Exclusive Rose Basic Blonde - Suzette sculpt on Antoinette body
Exclusive Chrys Basic Brunette, Stella sculpt on Antoinette body

Up and Out fashion, exclusive to Cherished Friends
Designed for Antoinette body


  1. Is this revenge because I told you how lovely the JamieShow dolls are in real life?

    You might also want to check out a slight typo with regards to the Up and Out fashion - I don't think something that normally goes for $11.99 is really that much of a "sale" at $59.99

  2. Revenge???? Me???? NEVER!!!!

    :) Seriously, though--I want Chrys so bad I think I'm going to die. ;) And thanks for the head's up on the typo. It's fixed now--regularly $119.99, on sale for $59.99. (What a great deal, too! Have you seen these outfits in person? Like our fellow contributor Kathie, I've never seen a Cami&Jon outfit in person that I haven't liked!)

  3. You'd better get moving if you want a Chrys - I just put my order in, which means there are only 3 left of them, according to Lynn.

    And yes, thanks to the naughty, naughty enablers of my doll club, I HAVE seen (and seriously covet) the fashions I have seen.


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