Sunday, August 7, 2011

Luxurious Antoinette cancellation

Luxurious Antoinette, cancelled by Tonner Doll Company. 
I was surfing the doll sales on Friday afternoon, and I happened across a website listing this doll, Luxurious Antoinette. At the time this doll's promotional photo was released, I was too taken with Sweeping to notice. Apparently, I wasn't the only collector to do so, as Tonner has unfortunately cancelled this doll's production.

I haven't seen any other announcements about her, either. In fact, I needed to go back to the original Toy Fair post to see if Luxurious was even a doll in the original 2011 release.

While Luxurious does seem to be competing with some of the more popular Antoinettes to date - both Bold (with her steam punk theme) and Sweeping are getting harder to find; and Picturesque with her fairy-esque outfit is quite lovely--I would have thought this more gothic version of Antoinette would have sold well, save for the following issues:
  • Her make-up is reminiscent of the Ghost of Christmas Past, a Daphne sculpt, from 2007.
  • Her darker hair color, while lovely, is styled similarly to Jaqueline Frost from 2010. In the promo photo on the right, you can see loose strands of hair over Antoinette's left ear, which is not be promising.
  • Not only does this doll not include earrings, she has pierced ears--in the promo photo.
  • The jacket is similar in styling to Elegance (dressed doll from Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010) and Tranquil (outfit only).
  • We've seen the silhouette before. Mermaid skirts are lovely; but how many of them do we need?
So, good move on Tonner's part, but bad for any collectors hoping to pick up this doll. (I don't think manufacturers should make dolls that don't sell.)

Perhaps I might make a suggestion: If we were going to see another mermaid skirt, I'd love to see a rendition of the one below, which was originally a one-of-a-kind creation for the Tyler 10th Anniversary event. I wouldn't be able to pass this girl up--even with the mermaid skirt and platinum hair!

Luscious Antoinette
All photos property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. I seem to recall that one speculation as to why she was cancelled was because the fabric for her outfit could not be found in sufficient quantities for even an edition of 300 dolls, or however many there were supposed to be in this edition.

  2. She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland^^


  3. That's quite likely, Blue--I think she was supposed to be a limited edition of 150.

    However, if you examine the fabric of her skirt, it's almost the same as the fabric of the turquoise skirt below (only another shade), albeit with a ruffle in front. And the jacket fabric... Its's burgundy satin, maybe stretch or not. Unless it's something very special, I have seen substitutions before. It just seems weird.


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