Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweeping Antoinette - a review

Sweeping Antoinette - by Tonner Doll Company
Sweeping Antoinette is Tonner's most frothy, glimmering, shimmering masterpiece released to date. She arrived last week, and I am thrilled to do a review of this gorgeous doll.

From the Antoinette collection of 2011, it's been a long wait since her Toy Fair announcement. The doll features the rather bland Antoinette sculpt. However, in the bloom skin tone with softer cheek blushing and peach lips, her lavender eye shadow make her blue eyes pop. She's got long painted lashes--both top and bottom. My one wish would be to see applied or rooted lashes on this doll, and on the Antoinette line in particular.

She has soft blonde hair in an elaborate up-do, reminiscent of an earlier era's pin curls. Peach tulle has cleverly been sewn in to the hair as a decoration and support. Even with the elaborate hair do, the hair is soft to the touch and isn't overly gelled.

The dress--wow. It's a flowing cascade of ruffles, layered in shimmering peach silky fabric and tulle, with just a touch of glitter. The unfinished edges of the ruffles give the asymmetric lines of the gown's skirt a fairy-like feel. The bodice is shirred and one shouldered, but fits perfectly. Its shape is undefined, and shows movement and flow--unexpected and wonderful for a Tonner creation.

The doll's shoes are a pair of zip-back cage boots in gold. She includes a multi-stranded necklace and bracelet. The one thing missing from the doll's accessories are earrings. For her $249.99 price tag, I expected earrings of some sort. (If you go through a dealer and are able to find this doll in stock, you probably won't pay the full retail price.)

For a doll collector who started collecting in the 1980s, this doll has a reminiscent feel of Peaches n' Cream Barbie of 1985, only with a more grown-up feel. If you like to mix couture and fantasy, this doll is for you. She was my most expensive Tonner this year, but I sure think she is worth it.
Back closure detail, plus necklace and updo closer looks

Metallic gold zip-up cage boot make for the perfect accessory/

A gorgeous flowing design or chiffon, tulle and silky fabric lead to a gorgeous
silhouette for this wonderful doll. I think she is just perfect.
See more photos of her on Flickr. What do you think? Did you order this doll? Have your ordered any of the 2011 Antoinette dolls this year? Which is your favorite?


  1. Love your review - VERY well done! Alas, no Antoinettes for me this year. I am still trying to chase down Pure and Vivacious, which have the jewel toned clothing that's kind of rare from Tonner.

  2. She's lovely no doubt but I'm still waiting for new pics of Bold Antoinette. Bold has a sort of steam punk/Victorian look to her that I adore.


  3. Ah--Blue--we really need to post a page for WTB/WTT dolls on here. Like a database, including what we want to pay. I'll see if I can figure out how to do that. :)

    Ariss, I saw Bold (I think!) at UFDC public shopping day, and she is gorgeous. Definitely steampunk--and her platinum hair! OMG. Just gorgeous. I should have had my camera with me. :)

  4. LOL, if I posted what I actually want to pay, no one would agree to sell me the dolls!


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