Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 Barbie Convention Goodies

Here are a few of the gifts we received at this year's Barbie convention. First up is a set of swimsuit outfits presented to conventioneers at Thursday's "All the Boys" brunch. These fashions were designed by Steve Skutka and include surf boards, swimsuits, beach jackets, towels, a beach bag, jewelry, and accessories. Notice  how the traditional vintage Ken and Barbie colors are reversed.

At the Mattel "Celebrating Ken" 50th birthday dinner we were presented with this reproduction Barbie and Ken gift set called "In the Swim". This is the first reproduction Ken to have painted hair. Barbie is a blonde ponytail wearing a blue version of the PAK In the Swim outfit.

On Friday at the 60's Beach movies luncheon we received these darling Barbie and Ken party outfits designed by Steve Skutka. Barbie's fashion includes a dress, jacket, shoes, jewelry, and short white gloves. Ken's fashion includes a white shirt, black pants, "yachtsman" cap, checked jacket, socks, shoes, and a watch. The retro pink and blue packaging is adorable.

Lastly our convention dolls were presented at Saturday's Barbie & Ken, The Ultimate Couple Dinner. Barbie features the TNT face mold and Ken is based on the "New Ken". The convention dolls in their semi-formal fashions were designed by Matt Sutton and Matt Trujillo and the giftset is called "Spring Break 1961".

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  1. Wow - this Sutton/Trujillo sets are just adorable! I love them!

    Thanks for sharing these lovely sets, Kathie! Just wonderful!


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