Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Tonner release!

Jane from Twilight. Dressed Tonner Character Figure.
Several new outfits and a dressed doll (just one!) have been released and are available to order (and will ship soon) from your favorite Tonner dealers:

  • Jane - Twillight is a dressed doll, LE 500, with a 15" cameo skin tone teen body and a new Dakota Fanning head sculpt. Her eyes are painted red, rooted blonde hair, and her original outfit from the Twilight movies. $179.99. Shipping 8/25/11.
  • Revlon™ Pink Parfait is a cute 10.5" outfit for Tonner's Vintage Revlon™ body, made of pink lace. It includes a petticoat and white faux fur wrap. $79.99 LE500. In stock now!
  • Revlon™  City Sleek is another outfit for these cute Vintage Revlon™ dolls. It includes a black/silver tweed coat, skirt, and red blouse, plus jewelry and gloves. $79.99 LE500. In stock now!
  • Sleek - is an Antoinette outfit, and includes a black knit dress, jacket with pale pink lining, black jewelry, and adorable black mesh shoes. $89.99 LE300. Shipping 9/2/11
  • South Hampton is the last addition, and a Cami&Jon outfit. It's a cute white ruffled dress, which includes a brown belt, crystal bracelet, and brown heels. $69.99 LE300. Shipping 9/2/11
I've listed Tonner's suggested retail prices here, but you'll probably pay less when you order through your favorite dealer.

Photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.
Jane - up close. 
City Sleek 
Pink Parfait 
Sleek, Antoinette outfit

South Hampton, Cami & Jon outfit.

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