Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More auctions on eBay

Sun Lovin' Malibu Christie
I've decided to go through my doll collection on a weekly basis, and I've begun the screening and sorting process.

I've got a couple more auctions ready to go, and they are now listed on eBay. You'll find several hard to find dolls, including nine Steffie-faced girls, as well as DeeAnna Denton Bye Bye Baby for sale. Some are priced to move, and a few are priced at their current list value. (Well, a little below.)

Please check out my listings when you have a chance!


  1. Don't forget to let everyone reading your auctions know how excited you are, Alison!!!!!!!

    "Oooh!!!!! Rare, STEFFIE faced dolls, people!!!! You're crazy to pass this up!!!!!! Any questions, please feel free to ask!!!!! I really need to cut back on my caffeine intake!!!!!!!"

  2. I KNEW my eBay auctions were missing something!!!!!!!!




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