Monday, August 15, 2011

Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley

Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley
Two recent additions to my growing Poppy Parker collection are Youthquake Poppy Parker and Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley. I pre-ordered them based on their promo photos last year, and I'm delighted with the set.

As you've probably heard, this particular Poppy has different hair than her promotional photo. It is styled in an unusual style. Upon deboxing, I noticed that her rather long bright red (almost orange) hair is actually styled in a single stiff, super-gelled roll. I've seen some collectors more or less successfully wash this gel out for a more satisfactory look. I haven't done anything with her hair yet; however, I plan to send her to my vintage Barbie restoration artist to have her hair cut and styled into a Marlo flip at some point.

In contrast, Darla's dark hair is softly styled and held back with a white headband. It was a nice surprise to find her hair perfect, right out of the box. In my opinion, buying the two as a set makes up for any hair issues on Poppy.

Aside from Poppy's hair, I don't have any complaints. Both dolls have sleek and elegant facial screening--no painted eyelashes, but the simplicity works. It fits with their sleek hair and 1960s era mod look. Poppy has gorgeous blue eyes that pop and bubblegum pink lips, which surprisingly look great with her orange hair. Darla's mauve lips and gray eye shadow make her make-up more muted, but also soften her look.

I haven't redressed either doll yet, but the sweaters are nicely scaled, and the jumpers are cute and have a working buckle at the neck. The fishnet hose is also a nice touch.

Like other flat-footed Integrity dolls, Poppy and Darla will stand alone easily. They pose well, and are fun to play with--in fact, I can't seem to walk by my display without re-posing them.

Darla is a new face sculpt for this collection, and she is really gorgeous. I hadn't been sure I'd like her nose, but she is just perfect. I think she's adorable and cute, and a great companion for Poppy. I've also pre-ordered Hit Single Darla, and I can't wait till she arrives.

Both dolls are limited editions of 400, and Youthquake has sold out. You'll have to pay quite a premium (I call it the Poopy Poppy Premium) for her at this point. You can still find Darla from some dealers. If you don't have her yet, I highly recommend adding her to your collection. She's just adorable!

Sweet Twist 'n Shout Darla Daley, close up
Poppy Parker Youthquake close-up
Darla can stand on her own
Poppy standing on her own, as well

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