Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another blog update and restyle

Hello, dear readers--sorry to keep changing the Fashion Doll Review on you. I have some exciting changes in store!
First, you've probably noticed yet another change in my design. I'd like to run my blog more like a one-stop information site for all doll-collectors, so I will be adding the Barbie Queue blog to this site as well. Now you will be able to find 12" and 16" news on in one location.

Second, I plan to be doing some more serious revamping soon. I have a doll meet on Saturday, and there I will be hunting down some more resources, and seeing what I might be able to do. I want to keep it a surprise for now, since it may not work as I plan, but I hope it will!

Finally, if there are dolls that you collect that I don't currently cover enough in this blog (and you wish I would), please leave me a comment and let me know here. I'd love to know! Thanks so much for your loyalty!


  1. hey - what a cool blog you have, i really like it1 keep up the great work! I love the header as well :) x

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, Candice!


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