Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Madame et le Citron - a review

Madame et le Citron
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Tonner Dolls are wiggling their way back into my collection. Of course, I couldn't let a reception called "Let Them Eat Cake" pass me by without consequences. When I saw a raven Sydney in a reimagined Rococo gown, I couldn't help myself.

I participated in a group purchase of all three centerpiece dolls (more to keep my budget in check rather than to narrow my purchases), and decided on Citron. I have very little yellow in my collection, and she'd be the perfect addition to my historical dolls [see the article on themes].

All four event dolls together look sexy and sweet; but to me, Sydney's haughty face makes her look the most promiscuous.

Her makeup is not overdone, and her lips look pouty just the same. She has the best side-swept up-do I have seen in a while--voluminous and full. The feathered headpiece adds height, and she has a yellow chiffon bow sewn in as well.

Her dress is made from soft, fluid polyester and stiff tulle, which makes for a delightful combination. The snug fitting sleeves end in a pouf of sparkling tulle ruffles tied with a bow. All bows are tied with polyester, which flow easily and give her a softer look. The front of the dress is sparkling tulle and tulle ruffles, which allow a sheer peek to her ruffled bloomers, to which lace stockings are attached with ribbons. Her yellow period slippers, pearl earrings and removable collar complete her look.

Though her stand is heavy, it's really a neat piece. I want to sew a cushion to make it into a low stool, so she can pose herself on it gracefully. As you can see, it's a very fun height for this purpose, and the sprayed resin, which could look cheap, actually looks quite elegant.

I'm posting a few of my photos of her here. [Click on any photo to enlarge.] A note about this last one: Of course, after uploading the photos from my camera, I realized she looks a little horrified and surprised here. Almost as though she's realized she's a bit, to put it delicately, late. And she might be thinking, "Oh Lord. It must be the King's. What might I tell her Highness? What is to become of me now?"

You can see additional photos on my Flickr account.

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