Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Preparing for IFDC

The International Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC) is less than a month away. It’s running from July 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wonderful part of doll conventions is that they usually have a time and place for sales tables and, for a fee, the attendees can have a table devoted to their dolly wares. I am currently sorting through my doll collection trying to determine which items I can part with.

This is one of my first steps to defining my collection. I’m looking around and acknowledging that there are many items still in their packaging and haven’t even made it past my garage! This is actually pretty tough: as I pull each package off the shelf, I remember why I bought it: I wanted the outfit from a play line doll so I could put it on another doll. I wanted just the shoes from a Fashion Fever outfit. I wanted the pivotal doll so I could re-body a different head. That last reason is really a stretch as I have never re-bodied a doll in my life! But I’ve entertained thoughts, and that’s all it takes for me to rationalize the purchase.

So, I pull boxes off shelves and, if I’m strong-willed enough, they go unopened into the plastic bins of sales items I’m taking to IFDC. Some of the boxes I just can’t resist and I open them. I pull out the pieces that I must have and then repackage the rest in plastic baggies, and then they, too, go into the plastic bins. I just hope that I’ve left myself enough time to accomplish this task. I’m not kidding! Have you seen my garage?


  1. So what does it say about me if I want to come and hunt through your garage with you, LOL.

  2. Maybe we could squeeze in one last "doll club meet" at Val's before IFDC? We could "help" you. ;) My kids are finally out of school next week--I'm sure the boys would have a great time...

  3. Hey, you two are more than welcome to come lighten my load! Or, at the very least, help me stuff it all into bins. ;o)


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