Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In response to Cats & Dolls

In response to the recent Cats & Dolls post by guest blogger MiLady Blue, I heard from Susan in NC, one of our regular readers. She send us this lovely photo (click to enlarge) of a doll from her collection, and permission to post it here.

This is a great photo of Susan's Elfdoll Catsy, dressed as Alice. She's just adorable. Additionally, Susan sent us the following comments:

I'm really enjoying your new blog format and guest bloggers! When I read Milady Blue's delightful contribution about cats and dolls, I had to smile. I've always loved cats, but can't have more than two at a time because of my husband's allergies. Right now, I just have one: Monty, who lost his brother a little while back. 
Anyway, the point I'm getting at is, even if you can't have many real cats in your life, there are cat dolls to enjoy. I know how much you love Alice in Wonderland, and I took this pic of my Catsy, as Alice, for the Catsy thread I started on the Den of Angels forum (I'm Cattwo there) last month. I thought you might enjoy seeing it and it's just my small way of saying, "Thanks for the nice blog!"
I'm so sorry to hear about Monty's brother--my deepest condolences. It's so hard to lose a pet--they become such special members of your household.

Thanks so much for your comments, Susan. I really appreciate the feedback--and your idea of owning cat BJDs (and other dolls) is really a great one!

If you're looking for cat bjds, here are a few I can suggest:
  • My current flame - From Ever Purple, Safrin Doll actually stocks these beauties (I read on DoA that there were some delivery delays with company direct orders). Miyang (sleeping), Miyu (sad face) and Ryun - all Turkish Angoras. $109 with out a face up for these 10cm BJDs.
  • Elfdoll tinies, Catsy. They are very cute, but start at $250. Personally, I have a tiny slight conscience problem with Elfdoll, as I am a friend of Ms. Cholong. But check them out just the same.
  • Pipos R.Pi cats - Charlotte and Demon. Basic versions start at $270 for resin BJDs. Available in gray or white, and include human hands and feet. Tails and cat feet are also available.

You might also considering checking out Ellowyne Wilde's cat Sybil. She might be just what you and your dolls are looking for!

Photos property of Susan in NC, Ever Purple, Pipos, and Wilde Imagination.

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  1. Love the Catsy dolls! I haven't seen them in person, but they're just beautiful!


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