Friday, June 18, 2010

Integrity Toys shipping update

Here is the updated shipping schedule from Integrity Toys. They informed us that they delayed the factory production to ensure the quality of the dolls. I know that in China right now the humidity is really high, so I believe they are trying to avoid the mold problems we were seeing earlier this year. I for one am glad to see them spread out a little because my wallet is about tapped out!

Arriving Late June:

Fashion Royalty
Eugenia “Tricks of the Trade” Doll

**Photo of Eugenia is property of Integrity Toys**

Arriving Mid-July:

Dynamite Girls
Rufus Blue Vintage Vinyl Doll
Gavin Vintage Vinyl Doll
Sooki Vintage Vinyl Doll
Reese Vintage Vinyl Doll

Poppy Parker
“Beatnik Blues” Doll
She’s Arrived” Gift Set
A Night to Remember” Fashion
Sealed with a Kiss” Fashion

Fashion Royalty
Giselle “Mais Oui!” Doll

Arriving Mid-August:

Poppy Parker
“Coney Island Saturday” Doll
“The Look of Love” Doll

Fashion Royalty
Kyori “Deceptively Yours” Doll
“Winning Ensemble” Fashion
“Flash Star” Fashion
Natalia “Private Goddess” Doll

The 2010 Online Event-Exclusive AvantGuards Androgyny and Aphrodisiac 12″ clones gift set should be arriving towards the end of July.

They are still waiting on timing information for ITBE.


  1. Whew! I'm glad to see these have been delayed also. This means... More to spend at IFDC. ;)

  2. Exactly my thoughts! I had been saving room on my cc, but now I can spend, spend, spend, LOL.


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