Saturday, June 19, 2010

New basic doll Ramie by Dollmore

Eventually, there will be a Dollmore girl I won't be able to resist. I wonder... will it be Ramie? A new size, only 20.5" (52 cm), she's a perfect younger sister BJD. I think she is lovely. Starting at $422, she's available for pre-order now.

A face-up (either default as shown or custom) will run an extra $55, body blushing is an additional $55, and sanding is an additional $65. As with all Dollmore BJDs, you may request specific color eyes and wigs, and they try their best to accommodate you.

The lovely Basic Ramie $422 price includes:

  • normal skin head
  • assembled normal skin body
  • 14 mm eyes (random, unless specified)
  • wig (random unless specified)
  • default underwear
  • box
  • cushions
  • certificate of authenticity
Her measurements are, for the curious:
  • 52 cm tall
  • 19.4 cm head circumference
  • 9.5 cm neck 
  • 22 cm bust
  • 8 cm shoulder width
  • 21.5 cm waist
  • 24.5 cm hip circumference
  • 27 cm hip-to-ankle length
  • 13.5 cm to knee-to-ankle length
  • 7 cm foot
I'm enchanted by her face. Plus, if you're new to the giant world of the SD-sized BJD, this doll would be a great, gentle place for you to start. 

Photos property of Dollmore.

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