Saturday, June 26, 2010

IFDC is coming soon... the excitement builds!

It’s less than two weeks until IFDC. I am so looking forward to attending, being with old friends and making new. I’m so happy that the convention is now held in Las Vegas every year. It’s a little over a four hour drive for me which makes toting the bins and bins of dolly items I’m selling so much easier. Plus I’ll have some other convention related items to take with me.

In addition to getting my dolls ready for sale, I’m also working on table gifts, table decorations, and costumes for the convention. At the end of last year’s convention a friend of mine suggested we co-host a table at this year’s convention. Lucky for me my friend is a very creative and talented individual. I am really excited to see how each meal event’s table display turns out.

Many of the folks who attend IFDC really get into the spirit of things at the convention. Each year there is a different theme and at each meal event there is a different subcategory within that theme. Attendees dress in costume according to the meal event themes and table hosts provide table displays interpreting that meal’s theme. People will literally spend an entire year working on their costumes and table displays and it shows. There were some spectacular costumes and displays last year and this year will be no different.

In support of all of this creative craftiness, Michaels, the craft store, and I are becoming intimately acquainted. I think I have been in that store more times over the past two weeks than I have over the previous two years. Of course, it would help if I didn’t try the scatterbrained approach to my endeavors. For every trip I make to Michaels, I come home with one thing I needed and two things I didn’t know existed but obviously had to have once I discovered them. It seems that as quickly as I empty my garage of excess dolls, I fill it with excess craft items!

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  1. I can't wait, Val! Sooo excited!!

    I changed my Vamps&Villains costume at the last minute, and I am very excited. Plus our goodie bags keep getting, well, bigger. I have that problem at Michaels, too! ;)


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