Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farewell, my sweet friend.

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Louie wandered into our yard, lives and hearts just two years ago. After convincing a hesitant husband we just had to keep him, he fell right in with our four kids, and he became my constant companion.

An unusually social cat, he would answer the door, greet guests, and crawl on their chests for attention. He would talk to me most of the day (before he grew ill) in his strange little quacking meow. He loved the kids, but mostly he love adults.

Louie was diagnosed with hyperthyroid in February, which was under control last month. He became ill with an infection and lost a lot of weight. While he made a partial recovery form his illness (he'd been at the vet for monthly lab work and check-ups), this week he grew worse and worse, and struggled even to breathe.

Today at the vet, we were advised of likely stomach cancer in addition to lung cancer, and that he was indeed in pain. I'd always promised to opt for quality of life, rather than quantity, but it was a horrible decision. I'm relieved to know he is finally at rest and at peace. But it's been less than 12 hours, and I am not handling it well. I miss his company, and I will for a long time, I know.

Love your pets and spoil them while you can. I can't believe how much joy this stray brought into our lives: one of our biggest blessings yet.


  1. oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear of this... I am sure he's having a blast over the rainbow bridge... xoxo

  2. Bless him, he looked so sweet. I'm sure he enjoyed his time with you even though you'll miss him xxx

  3. Thanks so much for your well wishes. I so appreciate your thoughts!

  4. :o(
    It's such sadness when we lose someone we love. So sorry ...

  5. It has been three years since the death of my cat Rocco. I had him for 17 years.

    He was sick off and on. I love his little tabby face and would have done anything to keep him well. At the end of 17 years and a prolong sickness with little chance of recovery, I too had to do the right thing by my friend and let him go. Hard...very hard!

    I still expect to see him when I open the door! I see a little of him in every gray tabby I see. Like you cat Louie, he was a companion and gave good service as a friend. Cats never say "can I call you back in a few minutes".

    I didn't want to just go out and "get a new cat". You can't replace a friend like that. I think now I might be ready now. I graduate at the end of this year and will have time for a new friend. I think graduation is a 2 kitten event. :)

  6. Oh, Alison! I am so sorry to read about Louie - I think my favorite story about him was the time you had to get up in the middle of the night, trying to figure out which of your kids was calling for you, only to find out it was Louie wandering through the house calling, "Moooommmm! Moooommm!"

    Having to make the choice you did, to put him out of his pain, I have ABSOLUTELY no doubt, was the hardest thing you ever had to do for him.

    Ultimately, however, it was the most loving thing you could have done for him. Eventually, when the sting begins to fade a little, you'll come to that realization.

    When I go through the pain of losing a cat, I cheer myself up with the image that they walked, strolled, ran, bounced, galloped, or chased their tails across the Rainbow Bridge, and were greeted on the other side by my other cats who went before them.

    I also remember a friend's young son telling me one time that his kitty went to Heaven to keep Jesus company.

  7. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss, Alison. I lost one of my guys not long ago, so I know how hard it is to say goodbye to such a special member of your family. I hope you and your family will find great comfort in knowing you gave Louie a wonderful life while he was with you and you didn't let him suffer. May he rest in peace.

  8. Sorry for my late sad, I know he will be missed.


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