Friday, June 11, 2010

Tonner 2010 Summer Blockbuster Movie Release

Tonner Doll has announced its 2010 Summer Blockbuster Movie release, which includes mostly dolls based on the likenesses of actors from popular films, in addition to a few new items added to the Miss Piggy™ and Cami & Jon™ lines.

The items are available from TonnerDirect or from your favorite dealer (I highly recommend Dreamcastle Dolls) for pre-order now, with some items scheduled to ship as soon as August.

Now, on the the new dolls, where I'll include retail prices and edition size, when available. To the Jonah Hex™ line, two dolls have been added:

  • Jonah Hex™, $159.99 LE1000, on a 17" male athletic body with rooted brunette hair and brown eyes. No photos of the doll are yet available.
  • Lilah, $189.99 LE1000. She comes in a wonderful period-style outfit with a chiffon and taffeta skirt, corset, faux-leather boots and jacket, and straw hat.
The Firefly™ line includes Captain Malcolm Reynolds ($154.99, LE1000) based on actor Nathan Fillion, who came out in promo photos looking more like an action figure. His outfit is pretty cool, though. I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan, so I don't think I should comment on this line of dolls. Maybe I should see them in person. The Browncoat will be an additional TonnerDirect Exclusive ($39.99).

For the popular New Moon Twilight™ line:

  • Birthday Blood features Bella with a new head sculpt on a TW convertible small-bust body. I like her taffeta dress and shrug. Retail price is $139.99, LE2000/.
  • Distant Devotion is a wild-haired Edward in a suit and blue Oxford shirt, $139.99 LE2000.
  • Alice Cullen is a new Ashley Green sculpt, cameo skin tone, TW convertible small bust body, with amber eyes and wigged hair. She's my favorite Twilight character in the movie (and book), and I think I'd have to see a real-life photo rather than a promo. $139.99 LE1000.
Two new dolls announced for the Lord of the Rings™ line:
  • Galadriel, Lady of Light features a lovely Cate Blanchett sculpt (now, if only they would feature her as Elizabeth I!), in a gorgeous white flowing chiffon gown, with embroidered trim, brooch, crown and boots. $159.99 LE1500
  • Legolas Greenleaf is the Orlando Bloom sculpt, and no promo photo is yet available. He is priced at $159.99 LE 1500
On to Miss Piggy™: 11" dolls have been added to this line.
  • 11" Miss Piggy™ Basic is an open edition doll available for $64.99. She is dressed in purple knit dress. I don't know if she is wigged or rooted.
  • 11" Kermit the Frog. He is a vinyl doll and includes with a removable felt collar. $44.99
For the Cami & Jon™ line, two new basic dolls are available--a platinum Cami basic and a red-haired Jonquil. Both dolls retail for $84.99 each. Additionally, five new outfits are also available, including, if you can believe it, a cute gardening outfit (I don't know about you, but I don't garden in my wedge-heel sandals) and a chef's outfit. All look amazingly detailed, and cost between $69.99-89.99. These dolls and outfits are made-to-order, and only one production will be run.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

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