Monday, June 7, 2010

Sky, Segi & Goldie

Sky, Segi & Goldie
Originally uploaded by alington
Another quick photo of a few of my lovely girls. I have so many projects to juggle right now, with IFDC coming up, a fantastic trade at last weekend's doll meet, and the kids' school year coming to a close. I'm up to my ears in laundry, and I need to just calm down a little bit.

I will soon have some exciting news to announce regarding the website overhaul, I think--the work in progress is actually in progress!--and I hope to have some exciting news in a week! Hooray!


  1. looks like your girls are putting their heads together to help you with your work in progress!

  2. Beautifil picture! Looking forward to your big news ;-)

  3. ugh, beautifUl!!! (the sun is making me squint too much and I missed my typo lol)


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