Sunday, June 20, 2010

About CAM in San Diego

So Hello Everyone!

My name is Carolyn Mitrovich and I am a doll collector. (Really?! And why else would I be on this Blog!) I have loved dolls since I was a little girl, with my first love being, of course, Barbie. I received my last doll for Christmas when I was 12; a Francie doll that I still have. Not too long after that I very reluctantly gave up my dolls due to peer pressure.

As an adult, I would always wander into toys stores to check out the Madame Alexander and Barbie dolls, and once a year would buy the MA catalog and spend hours looking through it. I even remember going into an FAO and seeing Gene for the first time. I thought she was beautiful, but being only familiar with Barbie size dolls, I remember thinking she was HUGE!

My son bought me a MA Tinkerbell for Christmas one year and then I had to have Captain Hook to go along with her! I held off for several more years, but started going to doll shows, just "to look". I saw a Tyler doll and, like Gene, thought she was beautiful but too big. However, I finally took the plunge and bought a nude Modern Mosaic Sydney on Ebay. Then before she arrived, after doing some research, I went to a local doll shop in Carlsbad to buy her some clothes, as I nether sew nor am a big fan of dolls sitting around naked. The lovely lady there (dear Kathleen) told me about a local doll club. Well I went, and it was off to the races!

Several years later, I have a nice, but small, collection of FR dolls, Dynamite Girls, a few Momokos, several vintage Barbies that have joined my childhood dolls, a very few Silkstones & Genes and several MA "8 inch storybook dolls that, alas, mostly stay in their boxes. But, by far, the most dolls I own are Tonners and his Wilde Imagination line.

I love, love, LOVE my Tonner & WI girls! For the most part my collection leans towards the costumed and storybook/fantasy dolls. My girls that always stay on display (I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so there is not a lot of room) are my Alice in Wonderland themed dolls, my Oz girls, Charmed Tyler & her coven (which includes Wicked, Kit dressed in Dark Embrace Sydney's outfit, Agnes & Viktor Dreary), the Re-imagination line, Twilight dolls, all my Ellowynes and Evangeline Ghastly.

For my Fashion dolls I have a rule that I, mostly, stick to; only one sculpt of each face. However, I love Tyler's sweetness and so have quite a few of her and, of course, she needs her best friend Sydney to keep her company!

I only see my collection growing as Robert just keeps coming up with more and more beautiful dolls. I am especially excited about the new Lord of the Rings line, as it is my #1 favorite movie of all time!

As for the personal stuff; I am a single mom, with a wonderful son Matthew, who is a Senior at UCSB (although he is currently spending the summer in Boston as an intern for the Red Sox). I live in Point Loma, work for a non-profit in the South Bay, and majored in Ceramic Sculpture in College. I also collect Art and early to mid 20th Century pottery, go to Comic-Con every summer, Disneyland for my birthday and never, ever go anywhere without a book!

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