Monday, June 21, 2010

Tonner's Tarrant - Mad Hatter promo photos!

Finally, Tonner Doll presents the promo photos for Tarrant, the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on its website. I'm giving you a sneak preview here, but for full-size shots, and ten of them, if you can believe it, visit Tonner's website.

He is the likeness of Johnny Depp, who portrayed the character in the film, and he's a special pale skin tone with very creepy face-paint. His outfit is really detailed, actually. He retails for $224.99.

A little note here: Personally, I'd like these kind of promo shots featured on all dolls. I love seeing this kind of detail. Even if I wouldn't buy the doll normally, I might buy this one, just because of the detail on his boot or coat, thinking it would be fabulous for one of my BJDs. If Tonner did this all the time--wow!

Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.

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  1. From your keyboard to Robert Tonner's eyes! Simple, clear shots to show off the wonderful details of new, highly anticipated dolls is the way to go. I know the trend for a while has been some mighty artsy shots, but while pretty in their own right, it has been downright frustrating to doll collectors with limited budgets trying to decide WHICH doll or dolls is the must have.

    By the way, what IS the percentage of doll collectors with limited budgets? In the 90th percentile or something? I know you and I both fit into that percentile, Alison! :^D


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