Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peak's Woods Sky - a girl for all seasons

Sky, casual
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The lovely Sky, dressed and styled by JennyGrey, shows off her versatility. After the end of June, these beautiful Asian BJDs will only be available through the company directly (and currently, this means no lay-away options), so if there is a doll you love, order her now! I can highly recommend Denver Doll or Boutique Doll for their lay-away plans and their customer service.

Sky is a white skin, large bust version, about 23" (58 cm) tall. The clothes Jen has used are her own creations, and will be available to order from her Etsy store. They were originally designed for Tonner American Model dolls--I was surprised to see what a close fit both pieces had!

The jeans are just a bit short for Sky and nearly didn't snap. (Sky has a lovely curvy shape.) Thank goodness for spandex! (It was like me in the 1980s, lying down on the bed, trying to button my 501s.) The good news is that now Jen knows exactly how to alter the pattern for Peak's Woods girls. We have DZ Morphoa, Elfdoll Ryung, and AoD Qian to use as models as well.

They snap in the front, so they don't come unsnapped when she sits. And they have functioning belt loops and real back pockets, too. (The front pockets are just for looks.) The fabric is real denim, that has been pre-washed--it actually came from an old pair of jeans, so it looks worn in. And be sure to check out the top stitching!

The shirt is also designed for an American Model. It's a little slim in the hips for Sky, so she can't button it all the way down. Again--better again to know how to alter the pattern! I love it tied, since you can see Sky's lovely waist and belly button (and her body blushing).

Notice the puff-sleeves at the shoulder, and the mini buttons (the shirt actually closes with snaps)--they are in perfect scale. The finishing on these clothes are amazing.

The gorgeous wig is by Michele Hardy--she sells through Denver Dolls and also her own website. They are just amazing. I don't recommend you keep them around kittens, though--I did fine with older cats, but our new baby (Nico) is obsessed with them. Shoes came from a bargain bin at a doll show.

And I can't close this article without mentioning my nine year-old's contribution--the beaded necklace. See more photos on Flickr. Enjoy!

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