Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the heck is happening at the Fashion Doll Review?

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You may be asking yourself, why the heck did they change their layout again? What can't they create a single layout and stick to it? And what the heck is going on over there editorially? Is there an editorial staff? What on earth is your purpose and mission?

Well, allow me to address your concerns. I, Alison in CA, am officially the editor, and you can forward concerns to me. Also, if you have any promotional ideas, link requests, or less than positive comments, I'd appreciate it if you'd reply to the posts made by me, which are posted almost daily.

Our mission: The Fashion Doll Review is a collaborative project to provide the eclectic doll collector, crafter and fashion enthusiast with clear, concise and hopefully humorous news and projects pertaining to the doll world. We're working diligently on building our staff expertise to cover vintage, fashion and ball-jointed dolls--you may be excited to hear that I'm in the process of "suckering" a wonderful photographer and Blythe collector (hooray!) to blog for us weekly.

We are currently non-profit. Any revenues I earn from ads will be split among the contributors, and my percentage will be reinvested into ad campaigns for the site. We hope to build loyalty through word of mouth, signature lines and links, Twitter, Facebook and back posts. We plan to sell ad space at some point soon, as we'd like to pass our co-op style of doll-collecting/sharing to you in ad sales as well.

Our authorship style: You may wonder why many of our articles seem overly positive, especially when controversial and negative blogs get many more readers. The Fashion Doll Review celebrates the artistry and joy of doll collecting, rather than pointing out its various flaws. As a group, we believe it is possible to point out the pros and cons of a doll without slamming the creator of a doll. Frankly, there are lots of message boards and sites with this sort of information out there already, and we really don't want to compete with that.

About our layout: As you may know, we've only recently become a collaborative blog. The web is an exciting place, and unlike a magazine, it's simple to change a layout. We will be doing this every couple months to refresh our look, and keep it contemporary. (I will be offering a contest about this particular layout in an upcoming post--keep your eyes open!)

What about the chartreuse green? Some of you hate it, I can see. But if you've been inside a CB2, West Elm, Crate & Barrel or any home decorating store lately, you'll see it's an "in" color this season. Oh yes! And I, as editor, designed this layout, and I adore this shade. So deal with it for the next month or so. I promise next time it won't be this shade! LOL!

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