Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Berdine Creedy letter and 2011 Around the World Collection

I was thrilled to see a message from Berdine Creedy herself on the the AMericanBJD Yahoo group this morning. She has introduced her 2011 line of BJD girls, Around the World in 15 years, which includes 8 new beautiful 10.5" resin girls with face-ups hand-painted by Berdine herself, outfits created by American designers Gale Torres and Diana Lemieux, and premium soft glass eyes made in the USA. Additionally, these dolls now feature double joints.

The girls are available for pre-order now, and the edition sizes are small--limited to just 25 each--and you may put down your $100 for a deposit now to secure yours.

Here is the message she posted:
Dear Collectors and Friends,
This year is my 15th ANNIVERSARY. I cannot believe that it is 15 years ago where we as a family set foot in this awesome Country, USA. Thanks to each and every one of you, supporting me through the years. We became good friends through the years and I treasure you all opening your big hearts and homes for my "Creedy Girls".
I have something very special for my Anniversary, it will be available at IDEX. This will be very exclusive for my celebration. Each and every one gets hand made by myself. Everyone will love it and will want one. It can be used every day, so it will be well worth waiting for.
After IDEX, I will put it on the website for all to see or to buy.
Please go to my website, to view my 2011 dolls. Some of the buttons is still under construction, but Charlene managed to do the NEW 8 x Dolls, that everyone waited so long for.
For those interested to buy:
Please go to my ONLINE STORE, to order the one who is calling you or put a deposit on or lay-a-way one. Whatever you want to do for adoption fees.
For 2011, I will have very small limited editions; every single doll will be painted by myself. Delivery will be much slower this year. The highest edition will be 25 of each doll. Clothing will be more traditional, high quality materials like silk will be part of my 2011 series. Some one-of-a-kinds with antique laces, combined with silk, will also be included.
I will have all my clothing done by American Artists in 2011. So I am supporting our American seamstresses and bring work opportunities back to the USA. We have wonderful and talented seamstresses amongst us and they need to be noticed and acknowledged.
I am also using an Eye Company that does their manufacturing in the USA.
As I started my story for 2011 and said "THIS YEAR I WILL GO FULL CIRCLE,"well I think I definitely did!!!! Read my story on "About us" to see how these dolls were born in my mind and then put to reality.
Delivery times:
Anya, Brianna, Lineo and Maleteka: January at IDEX, February, March.
Fei Yen, Mei Li, Bonita and Arya: April, May
Charlene did a Deposit of $100 PayPal button, so if you want to secure your doll for now, pay a deposit and then before delivery the rest.
PayPal is also available. $100 deposit and then just as you can pay. E-mail me with your request.
Much kindness and have a wonderful 2011. A Big thanks to Charlene that worked so hard to put this on the website and ONLINE store. Love you bunches!!!!
See most of you at IDEX. Hope you enjoy my new line.
Anya and Briana retail for $383. Fei Yen, Mei Li, Bonita and Arya retail for $398. Maleteka is $408, and Lineo is $415. Typically, darker toned resin is more difficult to work with and pour successfully. This is the first time I have seen Berdine Creedy work with darker skin tones, and I am thrilled to see it!

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