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Tonner 2011 Pre-Toy Fair Release

Damon Salvatore
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Tonner has released some new dolls today, some of which are will be ready to ship in mid January. I'm excited about a few of them, and have already added them to my wish list.

One new line has been added to the current Tonner collection: The Vampire Diaries™! For this release, a limited edition of 1000 dolls has been created and is available for pre-order. Damon Salvatore (hooray!) makes his debut has a new head sculpt in the likeness of actor Ian Somerhalder on a 17" Matt O'Neill Body. He has blue eyes, wigged brunette hair and uses the cameo skin tone. I dig his leather jacket! $159.99 retail, ship date TBD.

To the current lines, these are some exciting new additions:

Cami Wigged Basic in Play on Words
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Cami & Jon: I've been patiently waiting to add Cami to my collection, and I see the one I "need." It's will be the Wigged Basic with inset blue eyes. She's a limited edition of 500 dolls (not made-to-order) with the cameo skin tone. $109.99 retail. In this photo, she's shown wearing Play on Words, LE 500, $99.99, shipping early February.

Additionally, two more painted-eye Cami basics (redhead and brunette) and one brunette Jonquil will be available for $89.99, three additional long wigs ($29.99 each), and an elegant black column dress outfit called City Nights ($79.99) has also been previewed.
Io from Clash of the Titans
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Clash of the Titans: I have to be the first to admit, I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but I adore this new face, if it's anything like the promo photo. The new addition to this line is Io, who assists Perseus in his quest to defeat Medusa. She's a limited edition of 500, comes with blended brunette hair, brown eyes, and a cameo 16" convertible BW body, and her sculpt is based on acrtress Gemma Arterton. $164.99, shipping mid February.

Bye-Bye Baby DeeAnna Denton
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DeeAnna Denton: Oh my--she's adorable with her short blonde 'do. Oh no! Bye-Bye Baby gives us a bombshell blonde, brown-eyed DeeAnna in a gorgeous black velvet dress with chiffon shirring, and gold and rhinestone jewelry. $209.99 retail. Shipping date is still TBD.

Mrs. Charles Hamilton
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Disney Princess: If my girls see this doll, I'm dead. The image is still pending licensor approval, but Tonner grabbed Rapunzel while she's still hot. Oh, how cute! I hope she's close to this. Sweet, but not too smiley, this girl is a new Rapunzel head sculpt on (get this!) the bloom Ellowyne Wilde flat-footed body. She's wigged--can you imagine the fun? And a limited edition of 1000 for a retail of $189.99.

Gone with the Wind: Two new additions to this line... Strength from Tara is a 8" Tonner head and body with green inset eyes and brunette wigged hair with molded shoes, and a gorgeous white organza gown with green accents, and a green vest. Adorable! $99.99, LE300. Mrs. Charles Hamilton is a non-widow's peak Scarlet, retail $224.99, LE300. She's dressed head to toe in black.

Basic Diane Evans
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Gowns by Anne Harper: OK, I was blown away by my recent purchase of A Sensible Notion. Now--I see the new line, and I see someone at the Tonner Doll Company is having a little too much fun and freedom designing costumes through one of his doll's eyes! Wow! Where do I start?

First the new dolls: I'll start with the basics. There is something for everyone. The Basic dolls are adorable. In 1940s style polka-dot swim suits, Anne Harper (shipping early February), Carol Barrie (shipping mid January) and Patricia Holt (a new sculpt) are wigged, and Diane Evans (Friday Foster head sculpt--just gorgeous--and shipping late February) is rooted, I think. All retail for $109.99 (comparable to the wigged Antoinette/Cami/Tyler dolls) and are LE500.

Patricia Holt
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There are also a few dressed dolls available:
  • Red, White and You is a dressed brunette Carol Basic, who really reminds me of a slightly crabbier Betty Ann. (This entire collection is a nice reminder of the clothing from the Brenda Starr line from years back.) She's LE500, $199.99, and shipping late February.
  • Diana Evans -- I know she's going to make it to my house somehow -- is also available dressed in a black cocktail dress with a sequined bodice and tiered skirt. LE500 $189.99, shipping early February.
  • No photo of the Anne Harper dressed doll, Feather in her Hat, yet. She's limited to 500 and retails at $199.99. She's dressed in a suit, trimmed with satin and fur, and a pegged tweed skirt. Of course, she's wearing a feather-trimmed hat. Red hair with green eyes. Shipping late February.
  • Merli Stimple is a new 9.5" Kripplebrush Kids body with blue eyes and brunette hair and pale skin tone. A new fussy little starlet with, well, Shirley Temple curls. ;)
  • Patricia Holt -- and oh, I must have that dress. $224.99, LE 300, of course. She's dressed in a white scalloped tiered gown. She's also a brunette with green eyes. I think she's quite cute!
  • James Collins. A handsome man, and new face sculpt. Nice suit, too. Except he needs blue eyes to look a little more like Clark Kent. He's $189.99 and LE500.
The Capulet's Daughter
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Plus, three new dangerous outfits are available. Oh no for me! (Seriously, the outfit I have was so worth the investment!)
  • The Capulet's Daughter is coming home with me. LE to only 150 pieces, includes the wig and a gorgeous Juliet outfit. I must have it. $134.99. Shipping mid February.
  • Something Extravagant is another gorgeous outfit for $109.99 LE500. It's orange and black with a bell skirt, with a huge feathered hat--oh my! Shipping mid February.
  • And one last one, without a photo, is called All About Carol. LE500, retail $99.99, this is a chiffon gown with plaid cuffs and a bow sash. I can't wait to see it!
Harry Potter: A new 12" Hermione Granger is also available for preorder. She's a good likeness, and she's a limited edition of 5000, retail $99.99.
Devil in White Joan Crawford
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Hollywood Glamour: Three new dressed actresses have been released.
  • Devil in White is a dressed raven Joan Crawford in a white trumpet-skirt gown with a black faux fur caplet. I love her short hair. LE500, $189.99. Shipping late February.
  • Stardust is platinum hair Bette Davis (no photo yet) in a gown with matching braided trim. LE500, $189.99.
  • Heart's Ablaze is a brunette Ava Gardner in a ruby red bell-skirted dress of lace and tulle, finished with a satin belt with rhinestone buckle. LE500, $189.99.

Evening Twirl Monica Merrill
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Miss Piggy: Two new dolls - Wild Frogs (LE500 $69.99) and Hog Wild (LE300 $199.99, shipping early February) are new additions to the collection, great for the motorcycle lover in you--or for those hogs who walk on the wild side.

Monica Merrill: Another basic wigged Monica ($99.99 LE500), though she doesn't have convertible feet, includes an adorable blonde flipped wig and gorgeous pink lingerie, and Evening Twirl, as seen in this month's Dolls Magazine. She's a platinum dressed bombshell, in a black and pink cocktail dress, and shipping in mid February. $189.99 LE500.

Prince of Persia: Princess in Disguise is another Tamina headsculpt (this is also Gemma Arterton, so this makes me want to see Io in person now) in elaborate royal Persian costume. $189.99, LE200, shipping late February.

Tea Party Crasher
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Um from Umbridge
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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: This is the most dangerous. And I confess, I am still typing this blog post because I had to take a break and pre-order some of these items. (I'm so ashamed, dear readers! Will you forgive me? I even told you I was tired of Alice!) Here's the new line-up:
  • Um from Umbridge: Alice as a 22" American Model body, in her gorgeous black, white and red chabby chic costume at the Red Queen's palace. I'm sure it will fit my SD-sized dolls, but if the Mia Wasikowska head is as good scaled up as it is in 16" size, I can't wait. $299.99 retail, LE250, shipping mid February.
  • Tea Party Crasher: My favorite dress in the movie, this is the girl is a scaled down version of Alice on a Tiny Kitty BW body. How cute! $149.99 LE500. And yes, she's official. She's shipping mid-January. Update: I ordered this doll, and you can see real-life photos of here. I LOVE her!
  • Futterwacken: LE300, $249.99. Tarrant in a new outfit--if it's as elaborate as the first, we're all in for a treat. Love the bright blue of his jacket.
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: LE100 $274.99. For the set of the Queen's "Boys," I'd love to see these two in real life. Shipping early February.
  • Voyage of Wonder: LE200 $199.99. Will I admit it to you? I can't decide. I already have the original Alice. Why do I need another? Just look at this outfit? Why can't it just be the outfit?? Oh my!
Voyage of Wonder
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All dolls are ready for pre-order from your favorite Tonner dealer. Remember, some dealers (like Dreamcastle) will allow you to order the dolls or outfits as splits, if you get your order in early. Many dealers will also give you an unadvertised lower-than-retail price on non-licenced merchandise, as they often get a better deal for these items. It pays to ask, and to remain a good customer!

All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company. More can be seen at Tonner's website.


  1. A very respectable (and wallet-invading) lineup!

  2. And this isn't even the full line. I'm in such trouble!

  3. Me, too. I'm embarrassed to admit what I've pre-ordered. I have to figure out what I owe now. :)

  4. I think it might be at least a kidney.

  5. I'm afraid to see what the full line up is like^^ My bank account will suffer.


  6. I know! BTW--thanks for the nice card! It was such a nice surprise, Ariss. :)

    I need to run to the dollar store today!! :) I will see what I can find for you.

  7. Your welcome^_^ and there's no hurry.

    I think I'll be getting the small Alice. She's cute and won't take up too much space! XD Just hope she doesn't sell out before I get back from abroad.


  8. Four words for you with regards to your dilemma over the Voyage of Wonder:

    Dreamcastle Dolls Splits Page


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